Care and Share Foundation Uganda

Organization Description: 

Our mission is to help the children of the villages around Jinja, Uganda support themselves as they grow up to be adults. The majority of the children CSF - U is working with are afflicted with HIV/AIDS. CSF - U runs an orphanage school in the village of Lwanda called Rock Nursey and Primary School.

Lwanda Village
Jinja, P.O. Box 1226, J
Mission Statement: 

CSF- U is a non-profit, Interdenominational organization which helps children (Orphans) and their families in the outlying districts of Jinja, Uganda, find a better life in the world.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

How we accomplish our mission is important to us as the mission itself. Fundamental to this ministry are the following basic values.

It is our high aim to rightly honor God, His Word and His Name above all else and to worship Him only.

Those with whom we are called to walk provide our strength, corporate intelligence and determine our reputation and vitality- especially our families. They also are the reason God has entrusted to us His Ministry.

We are only a part of the household of God and therefore cannot accomplish our mission independent of the rest of the Church- both local and universal. Our mission is but fraction of what God is doing on the earth through His body (the Church) worldwide.

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