Care Ministries

Organization Description: 

Compassion and Auxiliary for Rural Emancipation
Reg. No: 46 of 1999
Registered Under the Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860
Rajive Nagar, Karlpalem-522 111,
Guntur-District, Andhra Pradesh,
South INDIA.

Our vision and mission for India where there are:

1050 million people
300 Million Living below poverty line
650000(65 Million) Villages
73%people living in villages
Thousands of unreached and undeveloped villages






"Oh, magnify the LORD with me, and let us exalt His name together;"
Psalm 34:3.


What is Care Ministries?

This is an Evangelical and Interdenominational Charitable Organization with a vision to reach Indian Villages with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and social service. Because of the cities have lot of Christian organizations, ministries and development we care only villages, which are less evangelized and developed. Our motto is to do the Lord’s ministry and social service at villages. Our primary work is Village Evangelism & Church planting and our secondary work is social service.

Why Care Ministries is needed?

India has over 1050 million people. There are 6, 50000 (.65 Million) villages in India. Around 73% of people are living in villages.

In India still the Gospel has to be reached millions of people. Thousands of villages are unevangelized which don’t have any single witness of Jesus Christ. Around 30% of the People are living below poverty line without enough, proper food, nutrition, accommodation,; clothes, Educational and Medical facilities. Tens of thousands of Orphans, Semi orphans, abandoned, street children and poor children are here.

By Understanding the physical and spiritual needs of people we have committed ourselves for the Lord’s ministry and social work. Both are important to our society.


I was born in a Hindu family. All our family members used to do a lot of idolatry. We used to worship idols, trees, stones, animals, planets and creation. In the past, we were unaware that Jesus Christ is the true God and eternal life. There are three crore’s of gods, particularly in our state, whom we used to worship. While we were living like that in idolatry, a man of God who was full of the Holy Spirit used to visit our home and preach the gospel. After learning about the unconditional love of Christ for all humanity and the forgiveness of sins only through the precious blood Jesus shed on Calvary’s cross. My mother began to pray secretly at our home. When she was praying for many days without our knowledge, the Holy Ghost spoke to her with His voice. Then my mother realized that Jesus is the one true God, and that all the gods she served in the past were only idols, which had no life, and that their worship was a waste of time. She gave up all the idols and idolatry. My mother got saved in our family first and then led us all to the feet of the Lord. We all accepted Christ Jesus as our personal Savior.

While we were all living a Christian life, we were made subject to many hardships for accepting the Lord Christ as our God. We went through a number of insults, reproaches and hard sufferings from our relatives and friends. Our family was expelled from the society. We were treated as untouchables. Nobody from our near relatives, friends and neighbors came to us and talked to us. While we were preaching the gospel to our neighbors, some anti Christian forces threatened us to leave Jesus Christ or face dire consequences. Sometimes we were severely beaten up and attacked with sticks and iron rods. Several times we shed tears. As the Bible says that you are blessed when people revile and persecute you for my sake, and that great is your reward in heaven, we took a strong decision, saying, "We will reach heaven if we die, or we will continue to do His ministry if we live." We did not give up the Lord though we went through many difficulties and losses physically. We glorified God suffering as Christians. In India the Christians who are laboring for the salvation of souls are an abomination to the Hindus as the Israelites, the shepherds, were an abomination to the Egyptians. But our gracious God has been keeping us and leading us in His ministry. Praise God!

I got married to a daughter of a man of God. My wife’s name is Esther. She co-operates with me a lot in His work. The Lord has blessed us with two daughters and one son. They are school going children. My family members and I, like Joshua and his household, have dedicated our lives to serving the Lord.

Our Ministries

Village Evangelism & Church Planting

"And Jesus went about all the cities and villages... preaching the gospel of the kingdom..." Matthew 9:35.

We are proclaiming the Gospel at the unreached Villages and establishing village churches. We have established three village churches and we are conducting many house prayer cells at villages. Our vision is to establish hundreds of churches at the villages. Our Gospel team visits many villages and preaches the Gospel through various ways and plant churches. We distribute tracts, conduct home Bible study, and organize village Gospel meetings and also giving Bibles to the interested people. If we have a van and a projector, Some times we can show Jesus film and other Bible, ministry related films to village people for their well understanding because many are uneducated.

Village Pastors’ Seminar & Coordinating and Supporting Village independent Pastors

We are organizing village Pastors’ seminar. Many village pastors are doing the Lord’s Ministry Independently by faith. Many village pastors have house churches. Many are in need of bicycles, scooters, monthly support and church building. We are coordinating, helping and encouraging village independent pastors and we would like to help them. Kindly pray for this and if God leads you and if you need more details, we are so glad to send you more information. We welcome you and we will be so glad if you come and be as a guest at village pastors` seminar.

Children Ministry and Children Welfare

In many unreached villages we are conducting Bible classes to the group Of Gentile children. We teach them songs and verses. We conduct quiz and skit Programs. They are very much interested in learning songs and verses. We conduct Sunday school and also Vocational Bible School. It is good to teach the Words of God from childhood. Many children are participating with interest.

At Present we are running free tuition centers at two villages for the welfare of poor village children. We are also doing educational help to some poor village students.


We have chosen 45 children for our "Charis children’s Home" and provide them with free food and clothes and also help them for their education. We would like to provide food, clothes, shelter, educational and Medical facilities to hundreds of Orphans, semi orphans and poor village children.

We would like to give new hope in the lives of orphan children. We are praying and looking for service minded people who has the same vision and who can contribute for this valuable cause.

Your investment in the lives of little children is worthy and rewardable. To support a child it needs 30 US $ per month. Kindly write to us if God leads you to support orphanage.

Widows Welfare

There are 25 widows in our congregations. They live in abject poverty without any kind of comfort. We provide rice and financial help for them every month.

Eradication of Infanticide

Here infanticide is happening in some villages. Poor and uneducated village people don’t like female child. Because it is so difficult for them to look after, grow and educate their daughters, and also during marriage Bride’s Parents have to give lot of money, things and Gold ornaments to Bridegroom’s family as dowry. Many poor village parents cannot afford these expenses and so they kill or throw their female child when it is born. Local Government runs cradle baby centers and if any one does not like their female children they can keep them at this center and Government will look after them. So far thousands of female children have come to this cradle baby centers. We are conducting awareness programs at the villages among uneducated and poor people to eradicate infanticide.
If you want to know more details about this, kindly contact us.

Other objectives

˜ We need to construct small church buildings at 3 villages. (To make a church building it costs 5000US$)

˜ We need 500 Telugu Bibles (One Bible costs 3$)

˜ We need a van, projector and motorcycle for village outreach ministry. (One van costs 10,000US$, One motorcycle costs 500US$)

˜ We need support for 45 children of` `Charis children’s Home `. (To support a child it needs 30 US$ per month.)

˜ We need sponsor to run a missionary training centre with 10 students.

˜ We need sponsor for village Pastors. (To support a village Pastor it needs 100US$)

˜ We need support for 25 widows. (To help a widow woman it needs 15US$)

˜ We need sponsors for 30 HIV/AIDS patients. (To support them we need medicine, food items it needs 35US$ per patient).

˜ We need sponsors to build permanent houses in the coastal areas for poor people. (Please support us with kind generosity).

˜ We also need sponsors for some other projects such as establishment of Schools, Primary Health Care Center, Mobile Clinic, Vocational Training Center, Aid’s and Youth awareness programs, Eradication of infanticide. Etc.

Missionary Training Center

" ………….. And how shall they hear without a preacher? (Rom 10:14)
``And how shall they preach unless they are sent…? (Rom 10:15)

At present we are conducting a Missionary Training Centre and to conduct one year Missionary Training Course. Our aim is to train many nationals and lay people as missionaries and village Pastors within short period of time. One year proper training is enough to be as a village pastor here. After training they will be sent to unreached villages for the Lord’s ministry and we would like to support them for three years or until they become self-supported.

We would like to train and send minimum 10 candidates every year. After training we will send them to 10 villages for Lord’s ministry and social service.
If we train and send 10 people, at least 10 village congregations must be planted. Feedback is important.

If God speaks to you, you can support the missionary training center and you can also come some times and teach them.

In India there are tens of thousands of small villages and many of them are unreached. So it is important to train and send lot of missionaries.

Educational Establishment

We are planning to establish Telugu School and English School for the Welfare of Poor, village children and orphan children and also for the welfare of children of missionaries. We would like to provide education at free of cost.

Vocational Training center

We would like to establish computer centers at villages and would like to conduct computer courses freely for the welfare of poor village students and orphans. We would also like to teach tailoring and to provide tailoring machines freely to poor women and widows.

Village Development

Many villages are undeveloped without proper water, road, and educational and medical facilities. We have chosen two villages for development works.

Free Medical Service & Mobile Clinic

We are planning to establish free Primary Health Care Centers and Mobile Medical Clinic for the Welfare of Poor Village people. Many people don’t have medical insurance and they are not aware of it and some are even unable to pay and so we would like to make awareness programs.

The Lepers

There are many lepers in India. They are outcasts and live without
any shelter or support. They often sleep in the shadow of trees, on
Sidewalks, or at the bus or train stations. They are victimized,
they are feared, and they are suffering. God placed them on my heart.
We provide food and medical help for them.

Resources are meager. They have medical needs that we are unable
to provide. Food is in short supply. Housing is very primitive.
Partners are needed to help provide for these that society has cast aside.

HIV/AIDS and youth Awareness

Around 5 million people have been affected by HIV/Aids here in our Nation. We would like to conduct Aids awareness programs among village people and un educated people.

Helping to Disaster Affected People

Thousands of people and villages are being affected by cyclone, flood and other disaster every year. As you may know in India more than 10000 people died by the Tsunami in Dec 1994. Hundreds of coastal villages were affected. We collected some old clothes and things rice bags and sent for the affected people. In future we would like involving fully for the welfare of disaster-affected people.


(i) You can pray

- For India where there are 300 million people living below poverty line and Thousands of unevangelized and undeveloped villages.
- For the ministries of India village care ministries and its growth.

(ii) You can support as God leads you (One time or every month or any project)

- To construct small church buildings at villages.
(to build a church building it costs 7000 US$)

- To buy a van, motorcycle & projector for village outreach ministry.
(One van costs 10,000$, One motorcycle costs 500$)

- To organize village independent pastors’ seminar.

- To run a missionary training center with 10 candidates.

- You can support Village Pastors (To support a village Pastor it needs
100US$ per month.)

- You can sponsor orphan children. (To support a child it costs 30$ per month).

- To establish schools, Primary Health Care Center, Mobile Clinic etc.

- To buy Computers and sewing machines for Vocational Training Center.

Please Note: If you want to help us financially for the Lord's ministry and social service kindly inform us and please draw a crossed cheque in the name of Care Ministries and send it to the following address.

Care Ministries

Rajiv Nagar, Karlapalem – 522 111,
Guntur District, A, P., South INDIA

Phone: 00 91 9346258551

Tel (o): 00 91 8643 272930

(iii) You can introduce

You can introduce our ministries to your friends, Co-staff, relatives and well-wishers and if you like, you can be as our representative in your town or state.

(iv) You can visit us

You can come here for one week or two weeks time.

(We will look after you very nicely with Christian love and hospitality from the time when we receive you at Airport, until we drop you at the Airport). We can also organize village pastors’ seminar and Gospel meeting and you can also preach if you like. You can see our village ministries and also understand the importance of care ministries and social services in India. We can take you to many places and you can see our culture and society and really you will have a wonderful experience.

(v) You can invite us

You can also invite us to your place so that we can come and share about our vision, testimony and ministries with you and your congregation.

(vi) You can write your suggestions

We welcome your useful suggestions for the growth of Care Ministries India.

My address:

Pastor John Moparthi
Rajive Nagar,
Karlpalem-522 111,
Andhra Pradesh,
South INDIA.

Phone: 00 91 934 625 8551
Home: 8643 272 390

John Moparthi
Rajive Nagar, Karlpalem-522 111, Guntur-District, 522 111,
Mission Statement: 

Our Vision

1. Evangelization of whole India.

2. Establishment and construction of a church in every village.

3. Training of Christian theological education.

4. Sending the persons, who are full of the Holy Ghost, with the burden of souls and who committed their lives to GodÂ’s ministry, to the unreached for a rich harvest of souls and for the extension of GodÂ’s kingdom in India.

5. Seeing Indian believers worship the one true God, eternally existing in three Persons: The Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost, in spirit and truth.

6. Seeing peopleÂ’s lives enriched by the preaching and teaching of the Word of God.

7. Seeing great godly men raised up as spiritual strongholds by God and bringing unity and great revival in all Indian Churches.

8. Support to Pastors for GodÂ’s service to be done mightily.

9. Social service- orphanages, old age homes, leprosy eradication and financial assistance to the victims of natural calamities.

10. Ministry among college students, patients in hospitals and those in prisons.

11. Winning whole India for Christ.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

Statement of Faith

1. We believe in the triune God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost.

2. We believe in the deity of the Lord Jesus Christ, in His virgin birth, in His miracles, in His death on the cross for the salvation of all mankind, in His resurrection from the dead and in His second coming to this earth.

3. We believe the Bible is a holy book written by the inspiration of the Holy Ghost and authoritative of Word of God.

4. We believe man was separated from God due to voluntary sin.

5. We believe salvation from sin is only through repentance and faith in the precious blood of Christ shed on the cross.

6. We believe in the communion of the Lord’s Supper and in the baptism in water by immersion in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

7. We believe in the baptism of believers in the Holy Ghost, and in the gifts of the Spirit such as faith, healings, miracles, prophecy, discerning of spirits, tongues and the interpretation of tongues. Ours is a full-gospel Church, which is fully open to the Holy Ghost.

8. We believe that all universal believers are one body in Christ, individually members of one another, fellow citizens and members of the household of God.

9. We believe in the resurrection of the dead in Christ, and in their translation together with those who are alive and remain till the Lord’s coming.

10. We believe in the second coming of Christ, in the rapture of saints, and in Christ’s reign with His Saints on the earth for a thousand years. We believe the millennial reign will bring salvation to the nation of Israel.

11. We believe there will be a final judgment in which the wicked dead will be raised and judged according to their works.

We, according to His promise, look for new heavens and new earth.

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