CARE Ownership

Organization Description: 

We train volunteers in mentoring skillsets, specifically designed to cross the divide between economic classes. We provide program material and teaching manuals for the volunteer mentors who meet with program participants 2 times per week for 2.5 hours each meeting. The mentors and program participants work through the exercises and lessons in the training material. The mentor assists the participants in understanding the personal financial, business and real estate management information. The mentor also provides a role model for the program participant, while also learning from the participant about the realities of inner-city life and challenges.

Other volunteers assist us in the renovation of multi-family properties that have been abandoned or neglected. These properties, once restored, are made available to our program participants to live in and, eventually own. The neighborhood surrounding the renovated property gains a committed future owner/occupant who is vested in the improvement of the area instead of an absentee landlord.

CARE Ownership collects rent from the other units in the renovated property while the participant is in training. The rent money is used to partially fund overhead expenses. It is the goal of CARE Ownership to be a self-sustaining organization, self-funded from the rents collected from the renovated units. As properties are sold to the graduates of the training program, the money is reinvested in new properties, providing opportunities for additional participants to enter training and providing a replacement for the rent monies from the property sold to a graduate.

c/e First Presbyterian Church
Pittsburgh, PA 15222
Mission Statement: 

The restoration of abandoned multi-unit properties in distressed urban areas through the training of low-income individuals in property maintenance and management skills. Once empowered with these skill sets and in conjunction with the opportunity for real estate ownership, our participants obtain financial stability while contributing to the improvement of their neighborhoods. This transformation is provided by committed volunteers who build personal mentoring relationships with these individuals. The fulfillment of CARE OwnershipÂ’s mission results in a sustainable three-fold transformation: transformation of property, lives, and neighborhoods.

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