CareWorks SA-NT

Organization Description: 

CareWorks SA-NT is a not for profit Christian organization dedicated to helping people in our community by providing a caring and compassionate service to people who arre disadvantaged.
We are an agency of Churches of Christ in SA-NT Inc. seeking to uphold Christian values of compassion, justice and love for all people.

08 8234 5802
Organizational Email:
08 8234 5066
PO Box 306
Torrensville, 5031
Mission Statement: 

Through the love of Jesus Christ to offer practical assistance empowerment and hope to people in adversity. Based on Matthew 25:37-40

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

We seek to live out our faith in Jesus Christ as the incarnation of God who came to bring life and love and light to all.
We seek to follow the example of Jesus in our lifestyle and particularly in our care and compassion for people who are poor, on the margins, and struggling.

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