carthageABC youth soccer academy

Organization Description: 

board members 8, and two directors full and coaching staff with players in the youth soccer academy with support from schools games master in 4 schools in the district.

moyo town council,moyo
kampala, 71079
Mission Statement: 

"CarthageABC Youth Soccer Academy is dedicated to uplifting the youth in our society. Through sport, primarily soccer, Using technical skills,tactical understanding,strength of charcter and team concepts. we intend on furthering it's progress through the region. We will work with individuals, as well as groups, clinics, camps, and have off season tournaments, and tours. We will provide not only the needed professional touch within the community, but the avenue for the child to develop into a better all around player, person, and this end carthageABC is committed to providing each child with a positive soccer experience, there by promoting a love for the game, the spirit of sportsmanship and health competition."

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

belive in christ and every thing is possible.

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