1276 W River St Ste 201
Boise, ID 83704
Mission Statement: 

The primary goal of CATCH is to significantly reduce the number of unsheltered homeless families in Boise by connecting them with permanent housing. CATCH participants are provided case management services for emotional support and encouragement, job and life skills training, budget counseling, individual and family counseling, and group support. CATCH also provides advocacy, support services, and referrals to assist families with debt reduction, increasing personal savings, securing affordable housing and child care. Employment counseling and assistance in obtaining permanent affordable housing are provided to help families become economically and socially independent.

During a period of up to six months of reduced or absent housing expenses, participants must demonstrate an effort to acquire additional education, upgrade their job or technical skills, reduce debt level, and/or increase their savings in order to enable them to become financially independent.

CATCH has the capacity to provide professional case management and supportive services to 20-25 families based upon the level of support needed. Affordable housing is subsidized by local businesses and/or faith-based partners. CATCH staff work collaboratively with partners and social service agencies to create change, offer support and compassion, and ultimately ensure success of the participant family. (e.g. move-in support and help to obtain furniture is available upon entry to the program, assistance with weekly budgeting or other tasks identified on the individualized service plan is provided to help families stay focused on their desired outcome, and training needed to improve their overall quality of life such as ongoing parent training is available).

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