Catholic Children's Society (Westminster)

Organization Description: 

The Catholic Children's Society (Westminster) has been working with children and families since 1859. We work with children who have no home, and with children and families who have found themselves in domestic, relationship and personal crisis and who need immediate support.

Our work is to provide community based social work services, counselling, play therapy, psychotherapeutic and mediation services to support individuals and families in need. Our goals are to work at a grassroots level, enabling emotionally and materially disadvantaged children and families to transform their own lives and to access the opportunities society offers.

020 8969 5305
73 St Charles Square
London, W10 6EJ
Mission Statement: 

Our vision is of a just society in which
• Every child is loved and brought up by their parents.
• The dignity and rights of every individual are cherished with respect.
• The voices of the poor and vulnerable are listened to and acted upon.
• All families have access to decent housing and a living wage.
• Children and families have an opportunity to play an active part in their community.

Our mission is to address the issues that prevent children from reaching their full physical, emotional and educational potential and which affect the well-being and stability of the family.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

We draw inspiration from Christian values derived from the Gospels and the teaching of the Catholic Church. We recognise that many of these values are shared by those who are of other faiths and none.

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