CCM Church

Organization Description: 

1. Registered trust in local 2.Branch: a. In Emapper- Kallakurichi- head church, sunday morning at 8Am-11Am: b. in Latchiyam have church-Sunday service 9Am-12Am; c. Rishiwandiyam- have church- sunday 10Am-12Am; d. anganur- have prayer cell meeting - sunday 6am- 7:30am.

2. Gifts Of Hope Bible College in Emapper-Kallakurichi, every saturdays we are having modular class from 10am to 5pm. 17students are studying, it is a member of IIM- Trichy

3. Christian Book Center in Emapper-Kallakurichi it is every day from 6Am to 9pm.

4. office hours from 8 am to 8pm in all the days except on sundays

5. Evangelising with Tracts,NT, Bible in an around our centers with believers on sundays and other holidays

6. conducting seminars to Pastors and believers every month

Head church is populated by 60 Believers, it is in Emapper bus stop in a rented building.

Salem-Tiruvannamalai Road
Kallakurichi, Villupuram district, Tamilnadu,, 606202
Mission Statement: 

Preach the Gospel of god to non-Christians Reach the non-christians Teach the doctrines of Bible to adults and youths

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

1. God is One and Same what in The Bible
2. Jesus is the only saviour for personal salvation.
3. believing and baptism is the entrance of the Church
4. Living with Holy life and Faithful
5. Every christian must preach the Gospel to their nearby people
6. Jesus is the only way to go to heaven
7. Jesus is going to come and take the faithful believer
8. The world will be judged by Jesus
9. The new hwaven and new earth will be made by Him,

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