CDS Rural Educational Development Organization

Organization Description: 

Established by CDS, Rural Education Development Organization is a non governmental education organization operating in the North of Vietnam. Its goal is to help disadvantaged children and young people realize their potential by expanding collaboration with international volunteering human resource, international development organizations, donor groups, member governments and civil society.
Rural Education Development Organization carries out maximum support in improving capacities, knowledge and skills through informal education to give them opportunities access with high quality educational service, enable them to become the excellence farmers and leaders of their local community.

Thinh Tien Blok
Son Duong, 084
Mission Statement: 

We believe Education is fundamental to human progress, enabling individuals and communities to acquire skills and knowledge essential for improving their quality of life. But for vulnerable groups like rural teenagers access to high quality education is limited while this teenagers must be a major part of any equation dealing with immediate and long-term solutions to sustainable development. It is true that young people need education and training to prepare them to become the community leaders of the future, but even more importantly, they must receive maximum support and access to resources to confront and overcome challenges in their lives and deal with conflict and decision making sometimes on their own. Actual they need to be given opportunities to see the bigger picture of life, to realize their own potential and here at our program.

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