Center for International Cooperation and Vietnam Talent Development

Organization Description: 

CVTD, Center for International Cooperation and Vietnam Talent Development, is a non-government, non-profit volunteer organization operated in Hanoi, Vietnam. Our projects focus on two principal areas: community development and education.

As an informal education organization, our objective is to help these teenagers realize more of their potential and enjoy expanded capabilities to address the increasing global social, economic and environmental challenges we face on.

By expanding collaboration with international volunteer human resources, organizations both within and outside Vietnam in order to establish agreater network of organizations to provide greater assistance to those areas in which humanitarian aid is needed.

CVTD is managed by the Vietnam Scientific Association for Development of Talents and Human Resources with the support of the Project STEPS 4 NGOs. The project was funded by Youth in Action, programme of the European Union (Action 3.2 ? Youth in the world).

14, Trung Yen 3 Str., Cau Giay Dist.
Hanoi, 10000
Mission Statement: 

- Foster long lasting and sustainability among youth organization from countries in program and other countries.

- Fight against the poverty and eliminate the situation that the youth is left far behind

- Develop a network of youth organizations and other relevant partners from program and partner countries in order to foster exchanging experience and effective implementation in the field of developing the youth.

- From 2012, the project have been maintained and multiplied through the program "Support the social enterprises in enhancing capacitis of international cooperation, resource mobilizatio, and education framework to developing the youth". The program starts with the pilot education through multiplying successful model in Euro.

- Continue to maintain and broaden the cooperation with international partners in developing the youth to implement programs in Vietnam

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

CVTD is a playground for creative, study, social communication for youth together with the aim of taking shape the global action thoughts in localities in which each individual will be active in developing solutions for society's demands and changing the reality. This will help them find their potential abilities and enjoy capacities of solving the growing challenges of global, the social economy and the environment.

Through real working situations, the youth can discover their potentialities. Moreover, they also have the chance to create and discover by actions to overcome the obstacles in their life. In fact, they need to be provided the opportunities to see the real life, to realize their potential capacities through our programs.

CVTD's project which are designed by each topic are very necessary and important for the youth from different countries for the development of the society , community, diversified culture, including the youth, for example climate changing, developing sustainability, immigrant , and the target for millennium development, against the poverty reduction.

Voluntary for the commuinty's development, education and environment was held in Vietnam
with a mission to build global community events through environment service and local community.

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