Center for World Outreach (CFWO)

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CFWO is a Ghanaian nonprofit that builds global partnerships to empower underdeveloped rural communities throughout Ghana. We connect international volunteers with local communities to work together and develop sustainable solutions to education, healthcare, infrastructure and sanitation needs throughout rural Ghana

Centre for World Outreach International is a non-governmental and a charity based organization. We are currently based at New Akrade in the Asougyaman district in Ghana.Our organization has developed a number of different programs in community Development, supporting schools, orphanages, hospitals and Volunteer Exchange Programmes. The main aim of the organization is to reach out to those who need help in schools, hospitals, communities, and orphanages in terms of personal assistance. Our volunteers have various levels of skills, professional qualifications and have helped in various schools, orphanages, rehabilitation centres, hospitals, libraries, health awareness projects, school improvement, Projects (painting and repairs) community development and adult education. The Organization?s objectives are; 1. To assist deprived communities to have access to social services like; developing schools, community projects, safe drinking water, hospitals. 2. To support vulnerable children in our communities and orphanages. 3. To empower women in socio-economically disadvantaged communities to acquire vocational skills and be gainfully employed. 4. To engage highly skilled volunteers to assist in community projects in deprived communities.

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Mission Statement: 

Since its inception in 2010, CFWOVA has been committed to empowering rural communities throughout Ghana, impacting over 10 communities. You may be wondering, ?I haven?t heard of many ?problems? in Ghana.? In many ways this is true; Ghana fortunately avoids many natural problems (hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, etc) and man-made problems (genocide, political turmoil, etc). However, we strongly believe that there are countless socioeconomic problems that plague rural Ghanaian communities?undrinkable water due to a lack of simple sanitation systems, inadequate educational facilities, and orphanages that cannot meet the basic needs of underprivileged orphans.

Founder Mr Mathias Kemeh recognized these widespread problems and saw the need for grassroots, Ghanaian solutions. While many people abroad have been aware of the obstacles faced by underdeveloped nations throughout Africa, Mathias sought to provide international volunteers with an affordable, hands-on opportunity to understand the reality of these issues. For nearly a decade, CFWOVA has been successfully providing international volunteers with the opportunity to experience Ghana and make a sustainable, lasting difference.

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