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Services Provided at Central Union Mission

For more than 120 years, Central Union Mission has been serving the Washington, DC?s neediest persons. Listed below are the many services that we currently offer.

Overnight Guest Ministry
Through our overnight shelter, we provide food, showers, a medical clinic, clothing and God?s Word for 82 men off the streets of Washington every night. Additionally, area churches provide nightly evening services.

Men?s Ministry
Men?s Ministry is comprised of the Spiritual Transformation Program which offers a year-long course for men who desire to restore their lives through Christ. Up to fifty men can participate in the program simultaneously. Through the Spiritual Transformation Program, the men receive biblical counseling, regular drug testing, work therapy, literacy and GED classes, and vocational training. In addition to the time spent at the Mission?s main facility, the Spiritual Transformation Program includes twelve weeks at our Camp Bennett in Montgomery County.

Children?s Ministry
The Children?s Ministry is comprised of three annual programs; Camp Bennett, Back to School Bags, and Christmas Bags. Up to 64 at-risk children participate each week in our summer camp, and older youth participate in adventure training on the Appalachian Trail. Through the Back to School program, over 900 children receive backpacks filled with school supplies. At Christmas time, over 1,200 children receive bags filled with clothes and toys through our Christmas Bag program.

Hispanic Ministry
The Hispanic Ministry?s Spanish-speaking staff reaches out to this growing population through Bible study, ESOL classes, tutoring, counseling sessions, and Food Depot. The families of the Hispanic Ministry are invited to participate in our programs at specific times that are set aside for them and conducted in Spanish.

Community Outreach Program
Our community outreach program includes a Distribution Center (clothes, furniture and other household items) and community service opportunities for over 1000 volunteers.

Food Services Program
Through our food services program,, we serve approximately 500 meals daily to needy persons. We distribute large amounts of food to those in need through our Food Depot, provide hundreds of turkeys and meals to the poor at Thanksgiving and Christmas, serve special public meals on holidays, and redistribute major food donations from national charities.

Camp Bennett Program
Camp Bennett is a 200-acre respite, camp and retreat center for men, children and groups in Montgomery County, Maryland. Men from our Spiritual Transformation Program live and receive training at the camp for twelve weeks. When camp is not in session, the facility is offered as a retreat center for Christian and civic groups.

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1350 R St. NW
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Central Union Mission serves hurting people throughout the Washington Metropolitan Area. We serve homeless men, families living in poverty, children from at risk neighborhoods and the growing Hispanic population in the city.

Our mission is to glorify God through proclaiming and teaching the gospel, leading people to Christ, developing disciples, and serving the needs of hurting people throughout the Washington Metropolitan Area.

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