Chaddy Mission School

Organization Description: 

Chaddy Mission School is a young local organization from Nakuru, Kenya. Chaddy offers non-fee paying primary education to the underprivileged children from the Mwariki slum in Nakuru where they are currently hosting near 240 students.

In addition, Chaddy has a successful feeding program which provides the children with two healthy meals a day. The school also provides counselling to both parents and children, in matters such as nutrition, health and HIV/AIDS.

What makes Chaddy unique is that they run two small businesses for which they employ the students parents. This way they do not only provide jobs but they also ensure that they will be a self-sustaining organization in the near future.

Chaddy Mission School is always happy to welcome volunteers.

PO BOX 2749
Nakuru, 20100
Mission Statement: 

We learn from you | You learn from us You teach us | We teach you

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