Changed Choices

Organization Description: 

Changed Choices is a not-for-profit organization that provides a range of counseling and support services to female jail and prison inmates in local, state and federal systems. Inmates who continue as clients of Changed Choices throughout their incarceration, and who demonstrate a high capacity for complete rehabilitation, will be offered additional services upon release, including assistance with housing and other transitional needs.

P.O. Box 78614
Charlotte, NC 28271
Mission Statement: 

As followers of Christ, our aim is to provide mental, emotional, physical and spiritual assistance to highly-motivated women both during their incarceration and as they transition into society, thus enabling them to make positive changes in their lives and to achieve self-sufficiency.

Assistance and services include:

■Mental Development — Through professional counseling and mentoring, we endeavor to provide guidance through the new life experiences.
■Emotional Support — We address the issues that led to a history of poor choices and continue to provide guidance throughout their time as clients.
■Economic Encouragement — Through assistance in securing employment and training in financial matters (budgeting, debt reduction, obtaining good credit, establishing savings) we equip women with the tools to explore a variety of options (including further education) and to make wise choices.
■Provision of Physical Needs — We prepare women for a future of hope and security by providing resources during their incarceration and upon release with safe, affordable housing, household items, clothing and transportation.
■A Spiritual Framework — We believe that as faith is established and nurtured, it will become a critical source of strength in determining future positive choices

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