Charitable Donations USA, Inc./Dads for Boys International, Inc.

Organization Description: 

We take seriously our responsibility to contributors, to those counting on our help, and to God, to be wise stewards of funds entrusted to us.

Charitable Donations USA operates as a charitable and educational program with a focus on organizations that work with families, single moms and youth at risk. We want to make a significant contribution to these organizations and the people they help.

Through donations received of vehicles, RV's, boats and household goods, we train youth, adults out of work, or individuals required to do community service, how to refurbish and recycle these items for charitable use or for sale.

14030 Lake Yale Road
Umatilla, FL 32784
Mission Statement: 

Remember when you were eight? Maybe your dad took you fishing for the very first time

Or maybe you experienced your first camp out in a tent in your own backyard, but you remember how much fun it was and how great it was to be sharing it with your dad. These are the kinds of memories you hold onto forever. Dads For Boys wants to reach out to the youth in our community who do not have a dad at home and show that we care.

1. To be a father to the fatherless. Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for the fatherless and widows James 1:27

2. To provide emotional and spiritual support to single mothers. This occurs during support group meetings and other group activities as well as one on one relationships.

3. To provide regular outdoor activities for boys, such as fishing, hiking, boating and sports. During these activities with mentors, the boys receive the love and attention they so desperately need.

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