Child Aid Development Foundation International

Organization Description: 

1. History of the Organization

Child Aid Development Foundation International (CADFIN) is a non-governmental Community Based Child Centered Organization (CBO) founded in the year 2007 for the benefit of the economically and socially disadvantage rural children, youth and women. It was officially registered on 30th July 2009 in Yaoundé, Cameroon. Over the past years, we have worked to identify and meet the needs and aspirations of the rural poor through participatory approaches in awareness raising, community health care, environment protection, HIV/AIDS awareness and income generation activities in 5 villages of Santa Sub-Division, North West Region of Cameroon.

Main thrust area of the organisation is social, education and economical development of neglected children, youth and women of most disadvantage communities and minorities through organising them into Common Initiative Groups; providing various training, exposure and workshops on leadership, strengthening and improving the children and women involvement in decision making process at all levels, gender, governance and income generation activities.

2. Development Model: - We work to create a supportive environment for the development of disadvantage children. We help children break free from poverty by first empowering their mothers, improve their schools, outfit their health clinics and build their water facilities. In Cameroon, CADFIN works with communities to establish a comprehensive, child-focused development approach that gives community members the education, skills and opportunity to lift themselves out of poverty. We know that there is no single solution to ending poverty?but there are many solutions that, together, get the job done. Our programmes are designed to meet the basic needs of the community and eliminate the obstacles preventing children from accessing education and health. CADFIN adopt a unique sustainable development model with focus on five core pillar programs. Through implementation of the five pillars, we aim to improve access and change not only circumstance and opportunity, but behaviour. Ultimately this leads to a change in community status, resulting in long-term, effective and meaningful development.

1. Education. 2. Health. 3. Agriculture and Food security/Nutrition. 4. Clean Water and Sanitation. 5. Alternative income and livelihood.

Sustainability and community ownership is key to us. From the very beginning of our work in a community, we work closely with the government and community structures to ensure that local community members are empowered and have real ownership over each project, be that a school project, a community garden or children environmental club.

Treasury Street
Santa - Bamenda, P.O Box 25 Santa
Mission Statement: 

The Mission of Child Aid Development Foundation International is to reduce poverty in Cameroon through the creation of supportive environments for the development of disadvantaged children, youth and their families to become self-sufficient through education, health, food security and environment programs.

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