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CORE VALUES As a Christian childcare community we value and sacred; (A) First call for children- the child as our first priority (B) God's involvement-His love,wisdom,guidance and power in everything (C) Trust, openness and accountability (D) long term change-building dignity and responsibility to escape dependence (E) Participation-of children in giving opinions, suggestions at all level.OUR OBJECTIVES 1. Improve spiritual development of OVC and their guardians, pastors/local leaders. 2. Reduce stigma and discrimination of OVC and PLWHA and women 3. Strengthen the capacity of communities, families and OVC to provide psychosocial support to OVC and their caregivers. 4. Protect OVC from abuse, exploitation and property dissipossession. 5. Enhance OVC access to quality education.6 6. Enhance OVC access to essential health nutritional services. 7. Improve household food security and nutrition of children and families affected by HIV/AIDS. 8. Establish and strengthen community caring mechanism for caring children without parent/guardian through distance child sponsorship programme. 9. Support OVC with social welfare assistance through pillar 111 of the poverty Reduction Strategy paper.

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Mission Statement: 

MISSION STATEMENT The purpose of the Childcare organization is to meet the needs of the poor with emphasis on the children through social, medical and spiritual ministry based upon the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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