ChildHelp Sierra Leone

Organization Description: 

Green, White and Blue representing the Nation
The 3 children stands for different colours - all nations are one, no discrimination, no hatred, but Peace, Love and Joy in the Holy Ghost.

We spread the Good News of Jesus during our distribution of reliefs and goods, during development work, trainings and workshops and outreaches

48 Wellington Street
Freetown, 0023222
Sierra Leone
Mission Statement: 

About ChildHelp Sierra Leone

ChildHelp Sierra Leone founded in 1994, is a registered Non-governmental, non-sectarian organization with the Ministry of Social Welfare, Gender and ChildrenÂ’s Affairs, Ministry of Finance and Economic development and other umbrella international children agencies internationally, with mandate and concerned in the provision of quality services to children, their families and communities, utilizing various information and development strategies, to achieve better lives through comprehensive, tailor-made self-help Programs that bring lasting results in health, education and livelihood. ChildHelp have collaborated with national government and other NGOsÂ’ broadening its objectives to various target populations in both the rural and the urban areas of its operational zones.

Foundation: ChildHelp Sierra Leone was founded in 1994 and became effective in 1996 with the first mandate for only 4 sections and for only one ethnic group - to rescue war affected children and mothers and provide humanitarian assistance by 13 Christians from different denominations including community leaders. After the war, most of the co-founders left as the first mandate was achieved and the second mandate was for them. The new mandate was to cater for the development need of children and youths after the war, without regard to race, colour, ethnicity, and boundaries.

ChildHelp Sierra LeoneÂ’s mission is to:
Help forward and support community efforts to improve the quality of life of children and their families
Make easy a process of communication amongst different cultures, to enhance mutual understanding and appreciation.
Promote the Rights and Interest of children and governance in communities.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

ChildHelp Ministry will be a House of Prayer;
and with discipline we will pray.
We will prioritize our life and our ministry.
As leaders, we will assist the Poor, and bring the vision of strong families and the increase of souls into the kingdom.
With influence we will be examples of God's love.
With integrity we will stand tall in success and in failure.
We will trust God, knowing that in Him we will find success!
As God's people, we must be awakened to the importance of prayer; become equipped in prayer; and then be released to do the work of God.

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