Organization Description: 

CHILDHOPE is a non government non-profit making NGO working towards attaining rural child survival, alleviating poverty and reducing the escalating transmission of HIV/AIDS pandemic and supporting education of children. CHILDHOPE works in chief Mwanachingwala s area of Magoye in the southern province of Zambia, approximately 168km from Lusaka. Since its establishment CHILDHOPE has continued receiving good and co operative response from the communities it works with and the general population including funders.

The initial goal of CHILDHOPE was to improve the living standards of the rural children and to reduce poverty among them. However, due to the continuous increase in the number of orphaned children due to their parents dying of HIV/AIDS and other related diseases; CHILDHOPE embarked on HIV/AIDS activities. A board consisting of 10 members manages CHILDHOPE.

This board is supported by CHILDHOPE secretariat that includes four members of staff the National Co-ordinator, programme officer, accounts officer and the administration assistance that are answerable to the board. At community level, CHILDHOPE has established village committees comprising 10 members from each area/village where activities are implemented.

These committee members mobilize the community during the planning, designing and implementation of the activities. Community participation is very important in order to establish project ownership in the villages. This is an essential preparation for total take over by local communities in future allowing developmental programmes to continue.

The project is governed at all the times by the decision of the majority members except where other regulations are laid down. The majority here refers to at least two-thirds of the members of the board. If the majority of the community members who have their children/family members enrolled vote for or against a decision made or about to be made by the board, the board will abide by the decision provided it is not seen as professional limiting the effectiveness of the services to the target groups. Through the UNICEF support, CHILDHOPE will support children between the ages of 3-9 in the eight targeted communities in chief Mwanachingwala `s area.

Organizational Email:
P.O.BOX 39481
LUSAKA, 10101
Mission Statement: 

A community where every child should be free from hunger, poverty, disease and attain good education in order to have a better future.

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