Children Angels of God Project

Organization Description: 

There is rampant poverty and deprivation affecting women and children in the project area and faced with such overwhelming need, CHAGOP staff collaborates with the program participants to create community-driven projects that empower the beneficiaries to break the cycle of poverty, strengthen local education, and improve nutrition and health.
CHAGOP employs a unique approach to development work in Menyinkwa, Kenya that results in changes lasting long after the project activities end. CHAGOP believes that those living within a community must be the ones to identify the priorities in the area, the possible solutions, and the steps necessary for change. Communities themselves take ownership of projects while CHAGOP assists with the required resources, mainly knowledge.
HopeLine has a Board of 7 in charge of management and policy issues that govern our organization.
Location: We are currently stationed in Menyinkwa,Kisii - a 10 minutes drive from drive from Kisii Town.
Our offices/station can be accessed at CHAGOP ACADEMY in Menyinkwa 2 metres from the Main Road..

Number of orphans: 60 Orphans in school and others being supported from outside school.
Sources of funds: Individual donors, well-wishers and churches.

Organizational Email:
po box 176
kisii, 40200
Mission Statement: 

Our vision for a changed and empowered community:
As we work together with others to fulfill the mission of Children Angels of God Project (CHAGOP) it is our hope to see our communities become places where the God-given dignity and giftedness of each person is valued and relationships of respect will grow that will empower all vulnerable children and widows enriching our churches and communities. As this happens we see:
-Our communities evolving into ?safe places? for all of us to be more comfortable with our own brokenness and to accept our need for each other.
-Our communities becoming places where vulnerable children will come to know their value and in which their voices will be heard.
-Our communities becoming more aware of the sacredness of others and of all creation

Our Mission:
The mission of CHAGOP is to care for orphans, street children, widows and other vulnerable members of society through education, skills training, shelter, health, spiritual guidance and reintegration.

This mission is rooted:
? In the example of Christ?s life
Jesus? example invites us to be in relationship with persons who our society often consider ?weakest? and ?least? among us. Looking at Jesus? public ministry one can easily see that he had a preference for the poor and marginalized people of his society. He spent time with them ? sharing meals, telling stories, sharing major life events, healing and being with them. When asked who is the ?greatest in the kingdom of heaven? he stood a child next to him and said, ??he who is the least among you is the greatest of all.? (Luke 9:48) Jesus also said, ?I have come so that you might have life and have it to the full? (John 10:10

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