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Children‚?s Rescue Mission‚?s 10 year Anniversary ~ Aiding Honduras with the Help of Local Groups

(Norwalk, Fairfield, Wilton, Monroe) ‚? The Children‚?s Rescue Mission (CRM) is an inter-dominational, faith-based organization providing humanitarian relief, education and a message of empowerment to the people of the Teupansenti Region in Southeastern rural Honduras. Ten years ago a single man, founder Miguel Giron, himself a Honduran immigrant from Teupansenti, had a vision. Children‚?s Rescue Mission of Norwalk, has grown, with the assistance of a Board of Directors and dedicated volunteers. But there still remains a dire and immediate need to provide relief to the children and families of Teupansenti and surrounding villages.

The Children's Rescue Mission (CRM) was founded in 1999 in the aftermath of Hurricane Mitch. The first mission trip was made in 1999 and funded by a private $5,000 donation to provide medical aid to the children. The mission initially occupied a borrowed room in a local Teupansenti residence and served 12 children. While CRM has grown over the years, it is just beginning to make a difference in the lives of the children and villagers of Teupansenti through focus on longer term objectives to develop sustainable infrastructure for jobs in industry and farming leading to sustainable self-reliance through education, vocational training, water purification, sanitation and adequate health care.

To date, CRM serves eight villages and barrios throughout the valley. Pavilions are being built to provide a place where children and families can meet, learn and have a meal. Pavilions have been completed in the villages of San Jose de Portrero and Rodeo, with several more planned and awaiting funding. CRM is in the midst of establishing Sunday School Classrooms, Vocational training classrooms for single mothers, Vocational training for youngsters and adult education for illiterate individuals, Seniors programs, a Computer Center, English classes, and a kindergarten program, all of which are free of charge to at least 200 individuals per year. The building that will house the programs listed above WILL BENEFIT OVER 300 FAMILIES THAT LIVE IN EXTREME POVERTY, with an average of 5 children per family.

Honduras is one of the poorest Latin American Counties, and due to its current unstable political climate, local groups have put their mission trips on hold. Local organizations include: Black Rock Congregational Church of Fairfield, Northfield Congregational Church of Weston, and Oasis Celebrate the Journey of Southington, to name a few. In addition to faith-based groups, area schools have also contributed to the Children‚?s Rescue Mission by collecting items to be sent to with the groups who will personally deliver needed items.

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Children’s Rescue Mission is a non-denominational Christian organization dedicated to breaking the cycle of poverty for Honduran children and families by providing relief, aid, and educational programs that empower individuals, families, and the community.

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