child's ladder ministries

Organization Description: 

child's ladder ministries is currently operating in Lira district targeting three sub counties, the current activities child's ladder ministries is doing training children on HIV/AIDS prevention, developing proposal for restoring the livelihood of the target communities through communities participation water point rehabilitation, distribution of goats to child headed household to restore their livelihood, counseling and guidance to children and home with HIV/AIDs

+256-77 2195000
Organizational Email:
P.O.BOX 267
Lira, +256
Mission Statement: 

child's ladder ministries is local NGO started in 2007 and got resisted in 2008 with government of uganda to operate in northern uganda with an aim of helping the needy and the vulnerable person spiritually , economically, socially, cultural and improvement on food security at the household level after the long suffering of the communities of this area from insurgency. good numbers of children and women where affected badly children where recruited to participate in the rebels activities women where rapt, cutting mouth, ears and cooking men, so child's ladder ministries was formed in 2007 to support this extremely vulnerable person right from the camp and up to now people are moving back to their original home, they need greater support to restore their livelihood especially women and the children who are most affected.

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