christhood church for for all nations

Organization Description: 

We are church. We are a community builder Organization. We have the Senior Pastor working with a board of Director managing the business of the organization.

Beatrix/Pretorius in Sterland cinema
Pretoria, VA 0083
South Africa
Mission Statement: 

We believe in the holy bible as the saving word of God. We believe in ;esus Christ as the savior of all if anyone believes in his death and in his resurection. We believe in the holy Trinity. We believe in practical charity in our human community and in practical evangelism as a priority for all christian. We believe in Healing ministry.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

We believe in God the Father who loves the world. We believe in Jesus Christ son of God sent by the Father . Born of uncorruptible seed who died on the cross to save human kind and who rose again from death. We believe in God the Holy Spirit who is our conforter sent by Jesus from the Father.

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