Christian Commission for Development

Organization Description: 

We are an institution specializing in local development with citizen participation that works successfully through faith in development with national, regional and international recognition in this area, and with the backing of various other agencies, in which citizens are educated, organized, formed and become conscious of reality, setting out to generate specific actions in the development of public polices, policies which contribute to the construction of a more just, equitable and sustainable society.

Apartado Postal 15021, Col. Kennedy
Tegucigalpa, 15021
Mission Statement: 

The Christian Development Commission (CCD) is a Christian, ecumenical institution that seeks to facilitate local development processes with citizen participation, by means of accompaniment in civil society, local government and mancomunidades by means of local capacity building and self-management with the goal of improving quality of life.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

?CCD maintains all its work in the search of development of the potentialities of human beings as the center and motor of development. Along this line, we look to strengthen the most noble of Christian human values including solidarity, collaboration, the common good and mutual aide. We are convinced that development occurs, necessarily, through a change in attitude of people confronted with life; confronted with their selves and confronted with others.
?CCD is committed to the development of a national institution that allows the social sectors of Honduras in situations of poverty and exclusion to strengthen there ability to manage, with plans initiated in a local, regional and national environment, looking towards the construction of a more just and inclusive society , and that facilitating active participation of the different sectors that make up Honduran society. ?It is walking with the people and from their inequalities, uncertainties and hopelessness that we can facilitate their being protagonists of their own history, with dignity and peace.?
?CCD strongly believes in working ecumenically, to improve spiritual and religious principles that lead to integrated human development; it is founded on principals of respect for the rights of people, on valuing diversity, and works without regard to religious creed, gender, class, sex or age.
?CCD works through development and strengthening participation in civil society, searching to build with this and other social groups, a project within the country founded on the principals of participative democracy from the local/municipal and regional level, to the national level.

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