Christian Education and Development Organization

Organization Description: 

Christian Education and Development Organization is Non-Governmental Organization established 2010, with the registration No NGO oooo3928. Operate in Tanzania Mainland.

Objectives The purpose of the establishment of this organization is to provide social services such as: - a) Provide assistance to prisoners and their families, as well as legal advice where is needed. b) To protect and support orphans and those living in high-risk environments c) Provide civic education, good governance, transparency and accountability. d) Set up agricultural projects, better animal husbandry, search marketing to increase nutrition and incomes ordinary citizen who lives in the village and have a decent sustainable jobs in agriculture (to increase nutrition and reduce malnutrition in the country). e) Provide various training on health sector in order to protect the mother and child. f) Monitor policy and conducting awareness of Advocacy of policy among civil society, youth, policymakers, and the general public to have policies that benefit the poor Tanzanians, who live in vulnerable and oppressed. g) Protecting the environment and natural resources (forests). i) Conducting research. j) Vocational Training, Entrepreneurship etc.

TARGET GROUPS (TARGET POPULATION) Beneficiaries of the CEDO is Youth, Mothers and children under five, Disabled prisoners and their families, elders, students and people living with HIV.

P.O.Box 545
Nzega, 5805
Mission Statement: 

Multiply and develop citizens, enabling a culture of learning without limit in the community, as well as efficient use of labor, ensure sustainable jobs with incomes in the economy of rural and urban, in addition to improve their knowledge and skills of people, to have the opportunity enough to earn an income.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 


The CEDO promises just to keep faith to implement the following values
We strive to ensure that our services are non-discriminatory and comply with the principles of equality and that is the direction of our activities.
Promote and develop the culture of Tanzania where all those we contacted them to get our services we will be courteous and respectful to them at all.

the CEDO advocacy for all its breadth, and in all our activities, and that we will not tolerate in any sense that any form of corruption within and outside the organization.
We will continue our reputation based on performance and a culture of excellence dedicated, and expertise, we will strive to achieve and demonstrate the highest standards of reliability, versatility and performance of a high standard.

We will build an environment that they value learning and sharing experiences with other

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