Christian Hope Resource Center

Organization Description: 

Provide numerous services to San Antonio Community such as: Food pantry, clothing closet, youth group mentoring, youth anger management, Adult, teens and kids Bible studies, nutrition classes, financial literacy classes, Health classes and many more services.

321 N. General McMullen
San Antonio, TX 78237
Mission Statement: 

Mission Statement Helping meet the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of the poor in San Antonio, while promoting Christian community values, affirming individual worth and standing up for what is right.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

Core Values

DIGNITY: The dignity of all people is important. We work to build dignity, first, by refusing to do for others what they are able to do for themselves and, second, by acting on our belief in the value of what God has created in people.

GRACE: The practice of second chances is central to all that we do. Our services and assistance are freely given in the name of Christ.

JUSTICE: Many of the problems faced by the poor are caused by rules and practices in our society that are unfair and result in obstacles to the empowerment and dignified life that God desires. We join with the Good News of Jesus in working to end these unjust rules and practices, realizing that the ultimate need is for us all to have a deeper relationship with God. Our involvement in macro issues is to be balanced by our involvement on the level of individual relationships.

COMMUNITY: The people of a community are its most valuable resource and we minister in partnership with other community members, including individuals, agencies and faith-based organizations.

ATTENTION: The people of our community have important things to say. We join God’s work of Good News by listening in the context of real and mutual relationships.

PRAYER: A cornerstone of our ministry is knowing that when we pray, God listens and answers.

RELATIONSHIPS: The building of one-on-one relationships is foundational. While we have Good News to share ("communication of"), we believe it is best communicated in the context of mutual relationships ("communication with").

PRESENCE: God’s constant presence in each of our lives is the reason we practice a ministry of presence among the poor—being there consistently, in good times and bad, as an accepted member of the community with a vested interest in its well-being.

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