Christian Life

Organization Description: 


Objectives of The Registered Trustees of Christian Life Ministries are:
1. To preach Jesus according to what he taught
2. to promote spiritual life through teaching the Word of God
3. to promote healing ministry of Jesus Christ through health services and prayer
4. to promote and participate in holistic development activities through charitable organization it shall establish
5. to promote education of its members and the community in general

Location: 129, Luchenza
Blantyre, CA 265
Mission Statement: 

To preach, warn and teach every person in all wisdom

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

Members are those that participate and confess that they are part and parcel of the ministry. The members are those that will believe in the following doctrines:-
I. We believe in one triune God, {Father, Son and Holy Spirit} the Creator, Sustainer of the Universe, all knowing, powerful, and omnipresent.
II. We believe in Christ Jesus born of a woman, the Mediator between man and God who came, died and rose from the dead to redeem mankind from sin.
III. We believe in the Holy Spirit, the indwelling God, the inspirer of the scriptures who convicts man of sin, comforter, give gifts and bears fruit in man to enable him/her to serve
IV. We believe in the Word of God {Bible} that is able to instruct man in all truth, and also the canonicity of the Bible which has contains 66 books both old and new testaments that is the final authority in our day to day of our life style
V. We believe that man is the image of God, who sinned and fell short of the glory of God hence needs to be reconciled to God through Christ Jesus
VI. We believe in salvation through Jesus Christ in confessing and repentance of sins
VII. We believe in baptism of believe by immersion in dying with Jesus leaving the old sinful nature and resurrecting to new life in Christ
VIII. We believe that the Ministry is the community of believers in Christ bound in the Holy Spirit to serve God
IX. We believe that the Sabbath of the Bible, the seventh day of the week is the Lord’s Day, sacred, worshipping and unchanged resting day to the people of God.
X. We believe that the Holy Communion is the remembrance of Jesus death, redemption of mankind in union with God through Christ who died once for all

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