The Christian Recovery Association

Organization Description: 

Serving through the internet, at our website. We need christian volunteers, especially recovering Christian Alcoholic. We need women to minister to women and men to men.

We are a new ministry. I am a recovering alcoholic and a Christian, I will be fully retired next month and can devote full time to our Ministry. I need help in Business Functions, Computer Programming. My education is broad in scope in that I study the helping professions, nothing that is really academic, I complete certificate and diploma programs. I soon will have a Bachelor's degree in Christian Ministry. I do not have good grammer and writing skills. I am 60 years old. and dedicating the rest of my days to the Lord's service in helping our Brother's and Sister's. We are just getting started since April of this year. We are chartered with the Pilliar of Truth Ministries. We hold 501 (e) status for donations to be tax deductible. We sell Gifts on our website, as fundraiser. Most of the financing as come from myself. We are in this for the Ministry and Service, no one is trying to get rich other than the riches we feel in our hearts and minds, serving Him and You.

Organizational Email:
215 N Smith St
Greenville, MI 48838
Mission Statement: 

We attempt to help people recover from their addictions. We want to establish self-help meetings. We dispense food and offer various service to our clients. We give free christian counseling and substance abuse support.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

We adhere to the Scriptures, we have not formulated a certain doctrine, but we are totally Christian in character and service.
We believe Jesus Christ to be Lord, Saviour and God.

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