Christian Servant Corps

Organization Description: 

Christian Servant Corps is a new exciting movement to share the love and message of Jesus Christ through practical acts of community service and kindness. It is a biblical, fun, simple, and intentional way to make sharing Jesus a lifestyle. By doing no-strings attached acts of kindness just to show God’s love, you’ll be taking part in one of the lowest risk, highest forms of grace activities available.

The concept is simple: doing intentional acts of kindness in the community with the aim of evangelism opens an unbeliever up to the greatest act of kindness of all: the Gospel.

Many people in our culture today believe that the church is only concerned with getting something from them. By doing these acts of service in our communities, Christians are doing more than just being nice. It breaks down one of the major barriers by letting people experience the Gospel instead of just hearing it.

Servant Evangelism is a wonderful expression of the great commandment and the great commission. Because it doesn’t involve being an "expert" in Christianity, it is great for people who may find it difficult to share their faith and even the most seasoned Christian as well.

Servant meet ups are designed so that adults, children and anyone can participate effectively – meaning no prior training or preparation on the part of the participant is necessary. Find or plan your servant meet up today!

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2508 Marwood Drive
Mankato, MN 56001
Mission Statement: 

The mission of Christian Servant Corps is to equip Chrisitans to do intentional acts of kindness in the community to show others God's love for the purpose of opening an unbeliever up to the greatest act of kindness of all: the Gospel.

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