Christian Soccer Academy

Organization Description: 

We are a non profit organization with five focus areas:
1. Homeless children
2. Feeding the homeless
3. Teaching Witnessing
4. Witnessing
5. Media (book give aways)

PO Box 1062
Fairview, OR 97024
Mission Statement: 

To expand the Kingdom of God through teaching the truth of Jesus Christ and the Kingdom of God.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

1. We confirm and back everything through the Bible and believe it to be the Word of God.
2. We believe that the Law must be taught with Grace.
3. We believe that there is only one God and only one way to God, Jesus Christ.
4. We confirm Jesus Christ to be the Son of God and a member of the Trinity of the One true God.
5. We believe that you must be "Born Again" to enter the Kingdom of God.
6. We believe in helping all to come to the truth of Jesus Christ and Salvation.
7. Our goal is to equip the lost with the truth of God and Judgment.
8. We believe in helping those in need but also confirm that good works cannot gain you salvation.

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