Christian Youth Development Organisation (CYDO)

Organization Description: 

Christian Youth Development Organization (CYDO) is an interdenominational, non-profit Christian Organization whose aim is to raise the level of prayer, leadership, evangelism to develop more effective ministry for youth to participate to the development in all areas. CYDO operates as an umbrella organization, networking all church based youth clubs and youth ministries in the country. In Malawi CYDO was started in 2002 and it is now operating in all three regions. This was introduced by Mr. Max-Howard Mgala who is a founder and the President of CYDO.

CYDO is a membership FBO registered with Government of Malawi through trustee?s incorporation act and the National Youth Council act 2002. The organization is also a registered member of Evangelical Association of Malawi (EAM), Malawi Council of Churches (MCC), Pan-African Christian Women Alliance (PACWA), Lilongwe City Assembly, Human Rights Youth Network, Human Rights Consultative Committee (HRCC), and Civil Society on Quality Basic Education.
The core business of the organization is to announce good news, to preach the gospel, to declare what God has done for mankind, through deeds and words for salvation. The organization delivers its activities through two thematic programs one outreach oriented and the other development oriented this programs are Youth 4 Christ First (Y4C) and Youth 4 Development First (YODEV).
Youth 4 Christ First (Y4C) Outreach concept
The World Summit for Sustainable Development pleaded with all leaders to ?see youth as a resource, not a problem...? But? sadly, youth in most groupings are more likely to get arrested for anti-social behavior than have their projects funded.

Youth in many groupings are deprived to participate to the development, saying that they are unruly, irresponsible and violent. Most of the political violence we often witness read and hear about is the hard work of the youth-they are used to fulfill the agenda of some political leaders. The youth are the targets of most evil inventions the world is witnessing. Young people are caught up in the drug and alcohol abuse, they are at the centre of the condom culture and pornography. Young people are capable of performing horrible acts. They can be turned into agents of terror before whom society trembles. The challenges the world is facing today is known to be more likely affecting the youth than any others group of people, we talk of poverty and hunger, HIV/AIDS and unemployment.

Spiritually or socially speaking young people are strong; they have God ?given strength. They have the zeal and drive to do whatever they set their hearts on. Young people are valuable assets, an army that can accomplish a lot with little efforts.

In a bid to fulfill the great commission of our lord Jesus Christ (according to Matthew 28:19) Christian Youth Development Organization (CYDO) has introduced a program called Youth for Christ first program outreach.

Youth-For Christ First is a phrase coined as a priority in reaching out; this simply, refers to spiritual, evangelical and church improvement projects designed and delivered by young people under 30. Young people under 25 now form 70% of the church?s population. That proportion rises with 10% in every year, so demographics alone should make it logical for the church and the Christian donors who support them ? to place youth at the heart of their development policy. The organization is vital in promoting youth-led development, ensuring that young people?s efforts are recognized by the church, governments and other development agencies

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Mission Statement: 

To present the gospel to the youth in simple teams by using the context of their life through introduction of mobile street variety shows of Holy Hip-Hop music, gospel music, drama, music sing along competition, playing of pool table, playing of table tennis, watching of Christian movies and other entertainment and recreational sports to mobilize and target them with the message of God for salvation.

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