ciatlux church

Organization Description: 

Addressing real human need
Satisfies all the criteria for a faith-based humanitarian effort
Excellent example of Christians maximizing resources
Excellent example of cooperation among politically and religiously divergent groups
Excellent opportunity to demonstrate the love of Christ to those in need

Organizational Email:
nairobi, 25401
Mission Statement: 

as a means for bringing desperate need together with the generous supply of the people of God.
provides short-term relief and development assistance to disadvantaged people and victims of disaster throughout kenya`s & tanzania`s urban settings. In kenya, cdea focuses on providing food, clothing and other material assistance to inner-city and rural families facing disaster,emergency & financial hardship.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

Openly dedicated to Biblical stewardship, our aim is to maximize available resources by leveraging financial commitments and attracting matching funds among donors to

al` de rouge foundation
christians in charity and countenance|charity with a smile|

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