Citizens Crime Watch-Special Task Force

Organization Description: 

As a modest community initiative, Citizens Crime Watch is a private, non-profit, non-sectarian, non-governmental organization organized to create defender-community collaborations to improve public safety, government accountability and reduce the number of victims, are consistent with those of law enforcement agencies in providing information about crime prevention and the justice system to the community.

This program creates an alliance of citizens working with all coordinating government agencies to address the growing crime problem in the community. Through Citizens Crime Watch, citizens are educated in areas such as personal protection, home security, all kinds of crime reporting, environmental education, micro-economic, human and peace development programs.

Organizational Email:
56 B Pao St. Sta Mesa Heights
Quezon City, MM, Philippines, 1105
Mission Statement: 

To unite and take a stand against crime, drugs, and other relevant issues known to man by indulging in socio-civic actions, environmental initiatives, cultural promotion, anti-drug abuse campaigns and many more, bringing change for a safer, better communities

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