Clothing the Homeless/CCF

Organization Description: 

We store our donations in 6 storage units in Irvine, Ca. We get our donations from 2 local thrift stores, indiviual donars and some churches.

It takes hours of sorting and marking the clothing to prepare going out. Everything is marked by size and arranged by size and item. We use long tables and do this in an orderly way with a number system. We usually serve between 40 to 100 people depending on our location.

It is a labor intensive job and requires lot's of hands. We need men to carry heavy items and move the tables we take out.

We offer spiritual information and are available to pray with anyone needing or wanting prayer.

It is a priviledge to serve those who are needy and without. We know this is what our Lord commanded us to do. We are just willing certainly not perfect.

949 651-1069
Organizational Email:
Clothing the Homeless/CCF
Irvine, CA 92604
Mission Statement: 

We are a Christian based group that takes clothing and related items to the Santa Ana area. We go to 3 different locations to provide necessary items for job interviews, increase self esteem and offer fellowship with these lost people. Most of those we serve are on the streets or temporary living in shelters.

We feel it is our responsibility as the body of Christ to reach out and help those in need without a judgemental attitude. Giving these items on a consistent basis gives us opportunities for relationships and time to share the message of hope.

We know Jesus would be doing the same thing today.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

We are believers in the Lord Jesus Christ and believe the Bible is the true complete Word of God inspired by the Holy Spirit.

We believe the world would be a better place if Christians would join with the Body of Christ and sacrifice some time to serve others. There is a lack of enthusiasm on the part of some people in the organized church to get their hands dirty.

We are praying for revival that the Holy Spirit would touch those who are on the side lines.

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