Cloud and Fire Ministries

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15226 Parthenia St.
North Hills, CA 91343
Mission Statement: 

Cloud and Fire Ministries is a 501(c)3 organization which is dedicated to helping disadvantaged urban youth. We have been providing services to urban adolescents and teens since 1999, although or organization received non-profit status in 2002. Our staff is comprised largely of teachers, who, collectively, have over 25 years of experience working with our target population.

The youth we serve are primarily from low-income Hispanic families, and are growing up in an environment where education in not the priority. These are not families who live idly, or rely on welfare checks. Rather, they are hard working, entrepreneurial, manual laborers, who work long hours to provide for their families. Though they rely on one another to care for little ones, they are often without options for older children, who are at extreme risk of becoming involved in the gangs that can daily be seen lining the streets.

Founder and President, Melody Rossi had been teaching in a local Middle School, and was troubled by the fact that the student population was so academically deficient. In fact, the results of standardized tests at the school indicated academic performance in the bottom 2% of the nation! With scores like this, students would never be able to acquire the skills for desirable jobs.

Cloud and Fire Ministries was established to provide young people with an alternative to the choices on the street, and to adequately equip them to live safe, productive lives. Through these efforts we have been providing Middle School and High School students with fun, engaging, and beneficial after school and weekend activities for nearly six years.

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