CNDL4JC Furniture Ministry

Organization Description: 

Vision: We are here to serve Christ by keeping Him in focus by supplying a resource to those who need to dispose of and those who need. We will serve anyone who asks?if we don?t have, they will go onto a list. We would like to have a warehouse space to put furniture separated for easier access. We could encourage those who can pick up to do so from the warehouse facility unless we are able to deliver it?volunteers and trucks would be needed! We want to always keep track and see each person as such, rather than a number. We want to thank the people who work for us, with us, and by us in order to know they are appreciated?therefore, it is important to keep track of donators in order to send thank you cards to them. Ideally, we could have a building with a storefront for people to come in to buy framed art (as we sell as our only means for raising funds), have necessary office space behind that area with computers to work for organization and warehouse space in the back for storage of furniture, etc.

Organizational Email:
PO Box 972
Grove City, OH 43123
Mission Statement: 

The Problem: People for a variety of reasons find themselves in need of furniture, appliances and/or other household items. There is a world of people who have items they no longer want or need and there is a world of people who have lots of needs?for those exact items?and the two worlds do not connect. People are filling landfills with furniture and appliances.

The Solution: We have been organized to be the conduit between those with needs and those with extra items. We want to provide furniture to those who are in need to prevent furniture from ending up in landfills. We are here to be a resource for those who have immediate needs for furniture and other similar items. We work to identify and contact those who have furniture and appliances.

The Reason: Light the candle of the world?we have a responsibility to care for others. God blesses us?we should bless others. Christ commands us to serve others. We can be the hands of Christ by taking items and delivering to those who need?and that gives them hope?they in turn often want to pay it forward?to help others, to light another candle. God has called us to the light in the darkness.

The Timing: The time is now. The harvest is ready as needs arise. Timing is everyday?each time one has something that is usable but disposable and every time someone has a need for such an item.

The Need: Those victims of fire, illness, divorce and other hardships. The need is constant. The need is to help keep the landfills from filling up?the ultimate need is to serve Christ! The need is to anyone who asks?if we can help, they may have!

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

Values: Our values are Christ-centered! There is no competition within or out of our ministry?we are all here for one purpose?and that is to serve Christ! We serve Christ within our ministry by offering hope to those who need and help to those who need to get rid of! We are here to serve anyone who asks?we will not discriminate regardless of age, gender, religion, national origin, or any other factor, including the reason why they are in need?we don?t always know that and we don?t have to know! We are here to offer hope?so that perhaps by knowing God provided all of these items, they will look to Him as a resource of life!

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