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Colorado CoSA (circle of support and accountability) is partially funded by Department of Corrections Parole for offenders who have no healthy family support systems to help them reintegrate into the community. Each circle consists of 4-5 community members who offer support and accountability around an individual who has formerly committed a sexual offense and who has already been through extensive sex offense specific treatment with SOTMP (Sex Offender Treatment Management Program. The individual is committed to forming new tracks of healthy thinking and prosocial behavior.

We have been in operation for 2+ years with 22 circles in Colorado. None of our core members (former offenders) have criminally reoffended or have been sent back to prison since joining our circles. The CoSA model has a very high success rate. The circle works as a team and meets once a week with their core member for one year. With 4-5 individuals in the circle it is still possible to occasionally miss a meeting and still have full commitment to the circle. It is a profound experience for all to actually observe the process of the core member reconnecting to his being and path he /she was meant to travel but veered off, usually early in their lives due to traumatic childhood experiences of their own. In fact, all twenty-two core members in our circles were all sexually molested as children, but never received help.

Victims of sexual offense often suffer lifelong challenges and trauma. Colorado CoSA's vision is no more victims, safe communities and no one is disposable. It means so much to these former offenders to know they have a support circle who cares about them as they navigate re-entry into their communities, often with a lot of fear. It is a transforming experience to view the restraints and challenging obstacles they have to overcome in order to obtain the basics of humanity: housing, transportation, jobs, and social integration. Former offenders who are accepted into a COSA circle are truly committed to never reoffending or harming others ever again. They are acutely aware of who they were, who they are, and who they want to be. They are committed to meet the challenges.

I hope you will consider being a member of a COSA circle. Perhaps you will be able to recommend individuals or organizations who might have an interest in learning more and/or allow me to give a brief presentation. We have a high need for support circles in all counties of Colorado. All of our volunteers are given quality training and have access to a circle of professionals for all questions and concerns.

Bev Casey CO COSA Volunteer Coordinator/Recruiter

PO BOX 4740
Boulder, CO 80306
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No More Victims No One is Disposable Safe Communities

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