COMMIT Ministries International

Organization Description: 

COMMIT Minstries was established in 1991 and set apart to be used as a comprehensive resource to western churches desiring to become actively involved in completing the Great Commission. Sadly nearly 85% of all churches in the west are stagnant or losing ground. ACMC 2004. Our growing staff is working very hard to change this unacceptable statistic!

We offer our personal services to any western church. With our help, many congregations are continuing to implement a strategic, permanent, focused strategy that strives solely to complete the Great Commission through the utilization of short-term ministry trips, short term leadership training and appropriate prerequisite training materials for their mobilization needs.

We have a genuine heart for the lost people groups in the world and for our brothers and sisters in developing countries, especially those in the 10/40 Window.

Since 1992, COMMIT has become intimately involved in meeting the spirtual and physcial needs of thousands of people through various projects including church planting, pastoral training, discipleship programs, church, school, and medical clinic construction, as well as several community development projects in Mainland China, Ghana, Hawaii, Kenya, Mexico, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Hawaii and Uganda.

Organizational Email:
P O Box 2384
Waianae, HI 96792
Mission Statement: 

We believe that short-term ministry is the core model given to the church by Jesus Himself. Without short-term ministry and consistent involvement with other people, the church does lose focus on the greater need and turn its focus inward; death comes soon afterward. Short-term ministry is the vital, essential, and God-given component that serves as obvious, active proof of the caring commitment any follower has in serving Jesus Christ.

COMMIT also believes that short-term minstry trips are progressive by design and are used only to dispatch all caring believers to personally meet the specific and physical needs of millions of people throughout the world. When appropriately used, short-term ministry trips, special on-going training, and consistent encouragement and implementation by the local body and its leadership, create an atmosphere that automatically generates servants. the church will find itself setting apart, on the average, 20% of the local body each year to serve in full-time ministry. When this obedient practice is put to work in the local church, God will add, on the average, about 31% annually to the congregation, especially many of those in the community who are desperately seeking to belong to a local church body that actually DOES what they SAY they will do!

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

WE BELIEVE in the one and only true God; the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, the Creator of all things.

WE BELIEVE in the Lord Jesus Christ, God`s only unique Son, was conceived of the Holy Spirit, born of a virgin, was crucified, died, buried, resurrected three days later, ascended into Heaven, and is now seated at the right hand of God the Father; fully God and fully man.

WE BELIEVE the entire Bible to be the inspired Word of God and an infallible and inerrant role of faith and conduct.

WE BELIEVE in the resurrection of the dead and divine judgment for all; eternal life for those saved by Gods Good News and eternal punishment for those who refuse it.

WE BELIEVE that the gift of the Holy Spirit comes upon all who believe in the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

WE BELIEVE in the personal salvation of all believers through Jesus shed blood, in sanctification through the Word of God by the Holy Spirit, and in the personal holiness of the heart and life.

WE CONFIDENTLY BELIEVE in the triumphant return of the Lord Jesus following completion of His mandate and the church age.

WE BELIEVE that evangelization and discipleship work are for all believers and in accordance with the will of God.

COMMIT Ministries utilizes short term ministry training and mission trips to help churches become strategically involved in World Evangelization. Our solid objectives within the local church include:
Implementing short term programs among ministries already supported.
Aiding to revitalize a global mindset.
Strategizing for effective global ministry by using practical outreach tools.
Encouraging adoption of one or more of the 1500 yet unreached people groups remaining worldwide.

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