Community Changers

Organization Description: 

Community Changers was established as a Community Based organisation in the Central Region of Ghana in 2017 with hard working individuals on board as interim staff. We are focused on community capacity building across chosen year period with the aim of those communities becoming self-sustaining over the life cycle of the project. We are working to provide accountable and committed strategic leadership to promote the welfare and rights of helpless Ghanaians whose very survival and success in life is now apparently threatened by absolute poverty, government support and lack of amenities scourge. As part of our mission, Community Changers is working towards developing individuals, communities and organisational capacities for enhanced and improved delivery of quality social services to those who need them Major areas of projections and intervention focused on strengthening skills, systems and partnerships to address are;

Education Women empowerment Water and sanitation Environment and Community Development Health and Wellbeing

P.O.Box AN 11384
Accra, FM 00000
Mission Statement: 

Community Changers mission is: To initiate and implement community development projects that are community and people-centered, gender responsive and socially, economically and environmentally sustainable

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