Community Development Services

Organization Description: 

Community Development Services, (CODES) is a grass root based organization in Uganda dedicated to rural development through propagating the self-reliant participatory methodology in crop farming, livestock, afforestation, micro enterprise and appropriate technology promotion, and HIV prevention. CODES intervention strategies are based on a non-discriminative membership in ethnicity, religion or political inclinations founded on local Farmers Support Groups (FSGs), Community Based Organizations (CBOs), Non Governmental Organization (NGO), networks and administrative structures within local communities. The living standards of rural women, youth and children can be improved through better land use practices and increasing knowledge base in farming and vocational skills thus creating opportunities for sustainable social-economic development.

+256 782 972779
Organizational Email:
P.o BOX 1701
Kampala, +256
Mission Statement: 

To empower and enable local farmers in agribusiness related production for poverty reduction and sustainable socio economic self-reliance among the rural poor communities in rural Uganda.

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