Community Initiatives and Social Support Organization (CISSO)

Organization Description: 

CISSO is currently focusing its energies and resources on:

?Aggressively reducing the level of stigma against people living with HIV and AIDS with programs and services in awareness, prevention, care and support. Timeframe 2008.

?Fully equipping the EDTEC facility with sufficient resources (print and electronic) to better implement its programs in computer and internet training, to significantly increase the number of trainees, and to upgrade and expand the ICT assets of the Suba District. Timeframe 2009.

?To initiate and continue to provide assistance to local youth-focused and women-based support groups, to promote gender-equality, social and political equity, participatory democracy, and economic opportunity. Timeframe 2010.

Organizational Email:
P.O. Box 337 Mbita
Kisumu, 254
Mission Statement: 

To provide resources for people living in Mbita?s rural and underserved communities for learning, social and economic development through capacity building.

To provide real-world training, facilities, and technical assets to the local community.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

To see a community whereby the underserved, disabled and vulnerable people (i.e. women, children, youths and the aged) are provided equal opportunities and access to resources that lead to healthy, productive and purposeful lives.

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