Community Response for Orphans and vulnerable Children support Networks Organization (CROSNO)

Organization Description: 

Community Response for Orphans and Vulnerable Children Support Network Organization (CROSNO) Registration No.TSO/CD/178/2009 is a registered Community Based Organization (CBO) with the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Development of the Government of Kenya, with the sole objective of supporting children orphaned by HIV/AIDS related deaths of their parents, through organized networks.

(CROSNO) which started as an Orphans and Vulnerable Children Cluster, was adapted to link and harness a selected target group within a community from 2005 to 2008 while implementing USAID funded ROADS Project by Family Health International, has since transformed into a Networking Organization.CROSNO ensures a coordinated locally appropriate response to reach a common goal, and strengthen networking. The 19 CROSNO members are drawn from Malaba zone,Amagoro zone, Kamuriai zone,Angurai zone and Chakol zone which include but are not limited to:Akukuranut Development Trust, Akudep CBO, Friends of Orphaned children CBO, Full Gospel churches of Kenya,Maendeleo Ya Wanawake Organization,Moslim Women Group,Kapiani Women Group,Makol CBO,African Inland Church, All Nations Church, Harvest Miracle Center,Rehema Outreach, Neema Kamuriai Women Group,Korisai CBO,Akote Women Group,Kareu Self Help Group,ACK Mothers Union, Hope of Life and Kokare Water & Sanitation are anchored by Akukuranut Development Trust (ADT).The groups represent three Divisions of Amagoro,Chakol, and Angurai in 15 locations,32 Sub-locations and several village units which are the source of our data collection.

The goal of CROSNO is to improve quality of life for orphans and vulnerable children through specific joint action. Communities play a vital role in responding to the needs of the most vulnerable children by establishing a "safety net" when illness and death undermine family resources and parental capacity to provide for their children’s basic welfare. Strengthening community based efforts is the only hope for building effective, sustainable support system for orphans and other vulnerable children in our community.

CROSNO has three main objectives towards the well being of the OVC which are:
1. To improve access to safety nets for the most vulnerable children and their families,
2. Increased access to Direct support for orphans and vulnerable children, and
3. Increase the ability of the most vulnerable families to secure a safe means of income.

Make an orphan child the light of your life.

To have a multi-sect oral approach to address comprehensively the complex needs of orphans and vulnerable children and to improve their quality of life through specific joint action of our community organization.

Malaba, 50408
Mission Statement: 

To improve the living standards of orphans and vulnerable children within our society by providing sustainable basic needs.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

For betterment of our health

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