Compass Christian Centre

Organization Description: 

We are a Christian outdoor Centre in the heart of Scotland which hosts many guests of all ages and faiths. We express the good news of Jesus Christ through relevant and appropriate verbal, visual and dramatic presentation and communication informally and formally. We also seek to express Christ's love in how we serve our guests, aware that we may have ti earn the right to be heard and that our verbal message must be matched by our lifestyle.

There are around 20 full-time team members many of whom live on site. This is augmented by around 50 volunteers throughout the year. Outdoor activities range from kayacking and rock climbing to snowboarding and skiing. We have a large lodge that accommodates up to 60 people and a self-catering house with four units. There is also a sports and activities hall and new indoor rockwall on site.

(+44) 1250 885209
Organizational Email:
Glenshee Lodge
Perthshire, PH10 7QD
Mission Statement: 

We wish to be at the forefront of Christian Outreach amongst the young people of Scotland. We aim to share the love of Jesus Christ in the atmosphere of a caring home whilst providing opportunities for the enjoyment of outdoor activities.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

The primary motivation for anyone wishing to join the team will be a desire to communicate the gospel and to see their work here as an expression of their Christian service.

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