Cornerstone Christian Counseling, Louisa Inc.

Organization Description: 

Our counselors provide therapy sessions for individual adults, couples, adolescents, children, families and groups to address an array of needs, such as: Pre-martial counseling, Marriage, Divorce and Relationship Issues, Parenting, Family Conflicts and Communication, Adolescent and Child Adjustment, Emotional Crisis, Depression, Anxiety, Phobias, Panic Disorders, Improving Self-Esteem, Decision Making, Personal Growth, Healing & Loss and Temperament Counseling.

Cornerstone Christian Counseling, Louisa Inc.
Louisa, KY 41230
Mission Statement: 

Cornerstone Christian Counseling, Louisa Inc. is a non-denominational Christian Counseling ministry. People of all faith and beliefs are welcome. We are located at 114 N. Vinson Ave, Louisa, KY. 41230

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

We treat clients from 4 to 94 with a wide range of issues. CCCL provides individualized treatment planning to assist persons in examining their lives and making changes that improve their lives. We are faith based counselors and believe God has called us to the ministry of counseling. The ministry of pastoral counseling is a valid ministry which is instituted by God.

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