Correctional Transition Services Inc

Organization Description: 

Core Values:
We insist on the highest standards of accountability and transparency from our clients and ourselves. We accept responsibility and hold ourselves accountable to each other, our clients, our volunteers, our contributors, and our community.
Program Integrity
We commit to providing the best assistance to our clients as we can. We manage our programs honestly and directly, accept responsibility for our actions, and follow through on commitments and promises.
We recognize the inherent dignity in every human being, and we honor that in ourselves and in our clients as the most solid basis for mutual trust, cooperation, and progress in our lives.
Belief in Human Resilience
We believe that all individuals possess the ability to make positive life changes and contribute to the good of their communities.
The success of our clients defines our success. We put the good of our clients first and are committed to their long-term recovery.

1901 44th Ave N
Minneapolis, MN 55412
Mission Statement: 

Correctional Transition Services, Inc. (CTSI) is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing proven community-based programming for individuals transitioning from the criminal justice system back into their communities. CTSI believes – without reservation – that all individuals possess the ability to make positive life changes. Based upon this belief, CTSI provides chemical dependency treatment, cognitive moral re-structuring intervention and life skill services while encouraging change through personal responsibility and accountability.

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Crime, Legal Related
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Transitional Care, Half-Way House for Offenders, Ex-Offenders
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