Cradle of Hope for Relief and Development

Organization Description: 

Cradle of Hope for Relief and Development (CHRAD) is a refugee based Non Governmental Organization established to:

? To provide psycho-social counseling to an estimated 21,000 refugees at the settlement in order to deepen their culture of patriotism.

? To promote and uphold self-reliance, self-determination, self-esteem and self-worth among refugees and other deprived communities in Sub-Sahara Africa.

? To enable refugees in Sub-Saharan Africa to see their countries of origin / communities as a home to which they owe an individual patriotic obligation to rebuild, develop and protect at all time.

? To enable refugees in Sub-Saharan Africa (through consistent counseling) to overcome challenges facing their reluctance to return home even in time of peace.

? To assist refugees within the Sub-Sahara African in identifying and making good use of opportunities for self-advancement while in exile in order to prepare them professionally so as they could, in the near future, contribute to the rebuilding process of their damaged communities.

? To identify resources in support of various aspects of human resource, infrastructure and socio-economic well-being of refugees and other deprived communities in Sub -Sahara Africa.

? To identify and support sustainable programs for refugee children?s physical, social, emotional and intellectual growth.

? To support any form of organized and recognized repatriation program for refugees within the Sub-Saharan Africa to their home land / communities when peace is established.

P. O. Box NB 754
ACCRA, 00233
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