Organization Description: 

Comparative Tanzanian Elites Community Organizers (CTECO) is a pool of professionals i.e. from (Education, Agriculture, Science, Health, Human Rights, Business and Entrepreneur) teaming up to mobilize and sensitize on Education, Agriculture, Science, Health, Business and Entrepreneurship problematic spheres in the Tanzanian community, registered as a Community Based Organization, Non-Political and Non-Profit making organization, envisaging on a harmonized Tanzanian Elites Community who are Mobilized and Sensitized, to enjoy Life in a sustainable Economy through Behavioral-change and Empowered Sensitization.

The rationale for establishing CTECO is aligned with a variety of factors: CTECO recognizes Government efforts to improve Education, Agriculture, Science, Health, Human Rights, Business and Entrepreneur as well as to reduce poverty, ignorance and other factors that retard development. However Government resources are limited and therefore elites need to join their efforts with other local and international partners to bring about desired development and social change.

The work of the CBOs activities and programs carried out so far and ongoing; are far from adequate, given the scale and complexity of the problems confronting elites and the Tanzania Community at large; regarding Education, Agriculture, Science, Health, Business/Entrepreneur and Social wellbeing.

Therefore, CTECO is geared towards producing a select circles of high-visibility and problematic concerns in our community thus to realize necessity and importance of establishing a beneficial center for dialogue, counseling and platform for discussion with the purpose of bringing about Change in life-style, Good standard of living and Economic Development mainly focused towards the Comparative Tanzania elites who are the major economy drivers in our Country Tanzania.

P.O. Box 1490
Dodoma, 000255
Mission Statement: 

Is to lay emphasis on mobilization, sensitization, advocating and targeting mainly Parents and Youths to access self-supporting Education, Health, Agriculture and Social awareness programs for free within the community

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