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Organization Description: 

Project Description: CCAN program places Volunteers in Varity of projects at Kaski District around Pokhara including Culture research, cultural study, Orphanage work, Medical work, Teaching at school, Photography and working with local NGOs. Volunteers should understand that resources are extremely limited in the institutions they will be working. Therefore any supplies volunteers can bring appropriate to their particular program are always very appreciated by the local people and staff. Volunteer information of CCAN : CCAN offers volunteering placements in Pokhara the beautiful city of Nepal. Volunteers can be accommodated within the city itself or in on Urban or rural placement just out of the city.

Gagriti Marga,Malepatan- 5
Pokhara, 00977
Mission Statement: 

Prepare written materials and video records of each and every religious and cultural community and cultural programmes. Form cultural committees and provide training to them for culture conservation and give economic and physical assistance to them. Exchange the native and foreign people and volunteers who want to study and do research of different cultures, manage the system of viewing cultural programmes directly, manage home stay and provide necessary help to them. Establish a Digital culture Library for the preservation of the materials collected and assisting in doing research. Protect orphan, poor and helpless children in the working area of this organization and manage to give good education to them. Provide help to poor and helpless old people and manage a old care centre in the working area of this organization. Work with the coordination of different national and International organization for environmental conservation, women Empowerment, use of alternative source of energy and community health.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

? If you are arriving to Kathmandu or Pokhara by air then you will be picked up from the airport alternatively if you are arriving overland you will be picked up from the Bus station. You will meet with a member of CCAN staff who will brief you on code of conduct whilst volunteering or taking part in the cultural home stay. He will also discuss with you about your volunteer project and placement. The following day, you will travel to the Lakeside city of Pokhara where you will continue with your placement orientation.
? Your orientation will include:
1 day sightseeing
1 day cultural lesson
2 days language lesson

Your Accommodation will be very basic as Nepal, is developing slowly. If taking part in a Home stay, you will have a room within the family home. Depending on the number of volunteers this may be shared. We organized home stay program at a village too, so you can live few days at city and few days at village/rural area( to learn traditional culture of Nepal) according to your choice.

During the length of your placement you will be provided with traditional Nepali food; Daal(lentil soup),Bhat(rice), with vegetable and occasionally egg or meat ,if you are not vegetarian. If the family has buffalos or cows then you may also get non-pasteurized milk. Daal Bhat is eaten twice a day; in the morning at 8.30 AM and in the evening around 7.30PM. In the Afternoon you will be provided with a snack such as puffed corn, beaten.

Volunteers must be over 18 years of age at the beginning of the program and have at least a high school education.
Volunteer Week:
When volunteer initially arrive they will spend their first 2-3 days doing orientation, taking the city tour and generally getting accustomed to volunteers life in CCAN before they start volunteer work on depending on your duration.

First day:
On the first day of the volunteering placement, the volunteers will be escorted to the project by local staff and introduced to the staff at the project you will be working with.

While our programs are flexible and can be fitted to your requirements, a typical day is as follows:
7.30 AM tea with other volunteers and family at the Host house.
8.30 AM Nepali breakfast (Daal Bhat).
9.30AM walk to your volunteering place.
Normally, 10.00 AM to 4.00 PM you will work at your volunteering place.

During the weekend, volunteers have spare time and usually just relax or take the opportunity to explore other parts of their local town.
Long weekends can be taken to travel further a field and engage in tourist activities such as trekking.

CCAN Volunteer fees:

Duration US Doller Euro

Two Weeks 300. 200.
Four Weeks 430. 300.
Six Weeks 570. 400.
Eight Weeks 640. 450.
Additional Week 70. 50.

What do my fees pay for:
Program fee, Airport Pick up, Orientation, Program supervision, accommodation, meals during volunteer placement period, in country volunteer support and in country administration cost.

What additional costs will we have?
Visa,flights,travel insurance(recommended),Vaccanations,Souvenirs,trips or tours you do while in the country, transfer back to the airport from program, spending money(volunteers in CCAN generally find UD Doller 25 to be sufficient for basic weekly expenses.

For the final Confirmation we need to receive your flight arrival information.

Pokhara, Nepal


Do You Require Formal Orientation Training for Volunteers?: 
Are more than one-third of the participants in your organization/programs low income (below 150% of the poverty level)?: 
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