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Think of us as Google News with human editors and higher ideals. Or as the NPR of the Internet. Or, as the best of the Internet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our motto is: Clarity not cacophony. The Internet is overloaded with poor quality information run rampant. Almost nobody has the time to filter out the junk and find the diamonds in the rough.

We provide a central location where you can go each day to find the highest quality news, columns, features, editorials, photos, videos and more. A place for the key stories of the day as well as specific topics such as health, technology, environment, politics and more. A place where you can search Google, look up a phone number and find out whats going on in the world. A place that emphasizes positive news in addition to the bad events that are happening.

Since we handpick the top items from over four hundred sources, you get better quality on our site than youll get anywhere else on the Internet. We guarantee it. All of this appears on a great-looking, cleanly formatted site with no advertising (which we will continue to do as long as people donate and support us).

Did we mention were nonprofit? Here to serve only you 100 percent with no pressures to produce a profit or please advertisers.

The key building blocks to produce DailySource are set. We have developed an incredible site and are poised to make a huge difference in the world.

3800 S Tamiami Trail #321
Sarastoa, FL 34239
Mission Statement: 

The mission of DailySource is to provide high quality news and information from leading sources across the Internet to help the public more effectively utilize their time, money and power to benefit themselves, our country and our world.

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