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Organization Description: 


.Lots of experience-expanding work for sure.

.Our volunteer base is within Bngoma town and rural homes.

.Some volunteers like to spend atleast part of their stay living in the village or working with a community group at a village. So we have a network of selected homes for a group up to four and this generally are more rustic with outside pit latrines,a more restricted menu, and involve lots of walking.
.We try to fit in a whole day off-each week generally on Sundays.
.As this whole experience will probably be a first for you we team you up with a staffer doing what you want to do until you gain confidence to go it alone.
.Breakfast is around 6 or 7.Lunch is generally on the hoof.Dinner is about 8 pm.
.Their is our email in Bungoma and other major towns.
.Unlike most volunteer organizations we do not charge a programme fee but ask for $50 per week to cover food,laundry,the additional cost we entail in driving more people to more places and seeing more patients so dispensing more drugs.If you want to stay longer than three months,we can negotiate a lower rate.
.We can pick up volunteers in Nairobi if needed.If you need a vehicle to pick you up then we have to charge $ 200 to cover fuel and staff food.


.Our volunteers first of all need to offer enthusiasm.They require good command of English.
.We prefer volunteers to be with us a minimum of four weeks to allow adaptation to the unique environment of work in rural Kenya.
.The organization does not put educational or skills requirement as a pre-condition of being accepted as volunteer as most will be involved in outreaching missions,work with those infected and affected with HIV/AIDS,Environmental projects,women groups a,children etc.during their stay however, we do require two character references whom we can contact directly by telephone.
.The important factor as a volunteer is willingness to work long days between the occasional day off and to be ready to do things you never thought you'd be able to do.Unlike many volunteer programmes THE MOVE AGAINST POVERTY ORGANIZATION is not a soft option between long safaris.
.For students the organization can act as assessment programme and assist them with their research in various fields.Fr volunteers from Kenya we have been an assessment programme for students partaking social sciences.
.Its about seven hours drive so its better to come the same time as others so that the cost can be shared.Alternately our Nairobi guy will take you to the next Easy coach bus to Bungoma.We keep a small apartment in the city and no charge for an overnight stay other than for any food or drink you need.
.You will need a visa to come to Kenya but most EL and NAFTA country residents and those from Australia, Japan and Newzealand can buy that at Nairobi Airport after landing.It costs $50 and is renewable after three months at minimal cost.Remember Kenya is a common wealth country.
.We expect volunteers will want to see something of Kenya sometime during their stay so we have negotiated good deals with safari guides,Masai Mara, the abardares Tsavo etc a good three days.The cost really needs a week Mt Elgon and Kakamega forest and lake Victoria can be done in one long day.


If you are still interested in volunteering anytime in the next one month just email our co-coordinators on maporg2000@yahoo.ca.
Ask your questions ,tell us who you are ,what you want to do when you want to come.A full briefing documents with lots of extra information will be sent on by email to those who are serious.

Organizational Email: 
p.o box 1212
bungoma, 50200
Mission Statement: 

to see a community poverty free,healthy and a people with spiritual maturity in this end times.Having volunteers to move to all African countries to preach the word of God.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

Antill all come to the knowledge of who he is (The Lord Jesus Christ)

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